Is your crush on OkCupid telling you the truth?
By Christian Miller | The New York Times
There is good news that deception on online dating sites is not as widespread as we might expect. Yet there is a darker side to this story. Christian Miller, a philosophy professor and director of the Honesty Project, shares why in this New York Times op-ed. – 8/06/2021

$5M gift affirms Wake Debate and moves program forward
By Cheryl V. Walker | news.wfu.edu
The five-year gift from Megan Medica in honor of her late husband, John Medica, is the largest Wake Forest has received to support a program in the undergraduate college. “It is simply life-changing for our current debaters and for generations to come,” said Jarrod Atchison, who directs the Wake Forest Debate program. “I’m not aware of any other gift of this magnitude in the college debate community.” – 8/05/2021


How financial fraudsters can fool anyone
By Emma…

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