“Harry Bosch is just not a character that rides off into the sunset,” says Titus Welliver, who’s played the dogged LAPD detective on Prime Video’s gritty police drama since 2014.

So expect one helluva ride for Bosch on the seventh and final season. But fret not fans: Welliver continues the brooding gumshoe’s story as a private eye in an upcoming series for IMDb TV. Look for several familiar faces to join his new venture.

First, however, the actor (above center) fills us in on these eight episodes.

The normally closed-off Harry is on a date in the premiere!

Titus Welliver: That’s Judge Sobel, played by Bess Armstrong, who Harry’s had a couple of cases with. It’s the first time Harry has opened himself up to that. He’s not a guy who trusts happiness, but he’s in a good place.

What crime will ruin his mood?

An arson that [kills] a mother, her young daughter, and a pregnant woman builds a penetrating rage in Harry. There are some…

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