Ruja Ignatova, one of the biggest scammers in history, was the brain behindOneCoin’s Ponzi scheme. The fraudulent cryptocurrency-based investment scheme lured many investors. BBC called Ruja Ignatova The Missing Crypto Queen in its 2019 podcast series. Is the Bulgarian fraudster behind bars?

Ruja Ignatova, the founder of OneCoin. Photo: @LeaderSokneov001
Source: Facebook

Ruja Ignatova’s story serves as a warning to those looking for quick money. What is the difference between a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme? Unlike a pyramid scheme, the One Coin members did not recruit people. Investors believed profits came from legit businesses. They were unaware that earlier investors earned from new ones.

Ruja Ignatova profile summary

  • Full name: Ruja Ignatova
  • Date of birth: 30th May 1980
  • Place of birth: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Hometown: Schramberg, Baden-Württemberg state, Germany
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Age: 41 years
  • Career: Fraudster
  • Company: OneCoin
  • Nationality:

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