The Ponzi scheme, which is said to have been imprisoned from $ 100 million by Jeffrey Epstein, claims that a dead pedophile had moved to intelligence and was introduced by a British arms dealer to Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Robert.

The allegations by former Epstein business partner Steven Hoffenberg were announced by Rolling Stone on Thursday.

Hoffenberg was sentenced to 18 years in prison after pleading guilty to more than $ 450 million in investors while running Towers Financial in 1995. Epstein worked as a paid consultant at Towers Financial’s Hoffenberg in the 1980s.

He claimed Epstein in an interview with British journalist Vicky Ward in 2002, when he was serving his sentence in Massachusetts.

Steven Hoffenberg of the Ponzi scheme claimed that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had moved to intelligence since the 1980s and was introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell’s father by a British arms dealer.

One of his allegations was that Epstein was…

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