Retirement can be the best time of our life—but only if we manage it right.

I recently passed a milestone: the three-year anniversary of the day I left my 40-year banking career. What have I learned over the past three years? I’ve found that a good retirement has three key elements: sound finances, wellness, and intentionality about managing time.

1. Finances. I watched some of Berkshire Hathaway’s


annual meeting recently. As usual, Warren Buffett was a master teacher. He showed the top 20 companies in the world as of 1989. His point? Not one of those companies is in the top 20 today.

He also showed the top 20 companies today. It’s an impressive list. We might think of them as great companies to own for the next 30 years. But if history offers any lesson, it’s that most—and perhaps all—will lose their dominance.

That made me think about my own finances. I…

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