Calling her “one of the worst con artists” he has ever encountered, a federal judge has sharply slapped down a request for early release from an imprisoned former lawyer who stole more than $6 million from her mostly elderly clients.

The decision by U.S. Middle District Chief Judge John E. Jones III short-circuits Wendy Weikal-Beauchat’s bid to get out of prison before serving even half of the 15-year sentence Jones imposed on her in December 2014.

In her request for “compassionate” early release, the 52-year-old Gettysburg woman cited the COVID-19 pandemic and claimed she is not receiving adequate treatment from prison doctors for an unrelated medical issue.

Jones wasn’t convinced and he left no doubt as to why he denied her request.

“The court wholly disagrees with the defendant’s argument that the service of less than half of her sentence is sufficient and ‘just punishment’ for her offense,” the judge wrote. He called her crimes…

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