William Shakespeare once said, “What is in a name?” Had he been in India, he would have surely uttered, “What’s in a surname?”

Yes, you read it right!

When it comes to marriage, which is nevertheless a socially approved sexual contract, ‘surname’ plays a huge role. For what? Well, surname introduces the ‘caste’ preference. Casteist parents often prefer an arranged marriage system for their offspring so that their “izzat” (honour), a euphemism for ‘social anxiety’, is well-respected.

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I contrite for using the ‘apex fallacy’ here but it’s a common experience faced and observed by many Indians here.

Our society prefers marriage to preserve the patriarchal traditions and cultural notions of caste. It has nothing to do with love in general, although most married couples are deluded by the idea of socially constructed and Bollywood-generated love, romance and sex.


If marriage was literally…

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