H3H3’s Eila and Ethan Klein has called out Triller founder Ryan Kavanaugh for being a “pathetic f**k” by adding a new filing on top of their $100 million lawsuit for showing a Jake Paul fight clip on their podcast, saying he needs to “get a life”.

Triller and H3H3 have been embroiled in a legal battle since May after the former sued the Klein couple for showing a clip of the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight on their podcast.

The copyright lawsuit, which valued damages at $100 million, was laughed off by H3H3, who is the only YouTuber named in the action now.

He claimed he showed a 45-second clip with fair use five days after the live event, which doesn’t count for “catastrophic loss”.

“They put so little effort into the complaint, it just seems like a shakedown, a headline trying to scare people to do the $49.99 thing,” he said.

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H3H3 has been going hard at Triller amid their copyright infringement…

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