Former British prime minister David Cameron. Photo: Lillian Suwanrumpha/AFP via Getty Images

Former prime minister David Cameroon came under scathing attack for lobbying for Greensill Capital from MPs hearing evidence into the collapse of the financial company. 

Cameron and current UK chancellor Rishi Sunak have both been dragged into probes over ethics and possible impropriety following revelations that Greensill had access to Downing Street, allowing it to bid for lucrative public sector work, including in the NHS.

On Wednesday, the first witnesses appeared in front of the Treasury Select Committee as MPs kicked off their inquiry into the lessons from the demise of the financial firm.

Former City minister Lord Paul Myners who said said Lex Greensill “offered him a directorship” accused the company of being a “Ponzi scheme.”

“I concluded it would be a good idea to keep talking because I left that meeting…travelling down in the lift, thinking to myself,…

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