MEPs want the European Commission to prove it’s up to the task of defending the EU budget from member states violating the rule of law principle. EU affairs 

MEPs will discuss the application of the rules adopted in 2020 linking the disbursement of EU funds to member states respecting the rule of law and EU values during a plenary session in June.

Defending the rule of law: a matter of urgency

During a meeting of Parliament’s budget and budgetary control committees on 26 May, MEPs discussed the way forward with Gert Jan Koopman, Director-General of the Commission’s budget department.

Koopman emphasised the sensitive nature of potential Commission assessments regarding the rule of law in EU countries: “Decisions taken will be subject to full judicial review by the [European] Court of Justice,” he said. “We need to get this right from the beginning. We simply cannot afford to make mistakes and bring cases that are annulled by the Court. This will…

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