A Windsor woman who massively exaggerated the value of her company, tricking investors into buying shares, has been ordered to pay £2 million in damages alongside his partner.

Anna Barton, 54, was found liable for fraudulent misrepresentation at Central London County Court, jointly with Darren Shirlaw, of Morley Road, Twickenham, her business partner.

The pair misrepresented that value of Shirlaws Group Ltd, a UK-based international coaching business, telling investors it was worth up to £60m, when its real value was between £290,000 and £635,000.

Three investors who sued Shirlaw and Barton for fraud were sold blocks of shares for £328,500, £300,000 and £49,863 between 2013 and 2015, based on the false valuations.

They were told the company’s income came from business coaching and that it would be able to sell millions of pounds worth of licences for its coaching method.

However, the Judge said most of the income…

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