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Alleged Ponzi scheme fraud artist Arnold Breitkreutz wants to withdraw his guilty plea in connection with a multimillion-dollar mortgage fraud case, his lawyer said Thursday.

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Defence counsel Cale Ellis-Toddington, who was recently retained by Breitkreutz, said he has filed an application on behalf of his client to have his plea struck.

As a result, Breitkreutz’s former lawyer, Eleanor Funk, asked to be and was removed as counsel of record.

But in a prepared statement released through his new lawyer, Breitkreutz said he wasn’t casting aspersions at Funk for his March guilty plea to a charge of fraud.

“My decision to apply to vacate my guilty plea was based on the advice of several lawyers, including the lawyer who assisted me with entering this plea,” Breitkreutz’s statement said.

“I understand that unfortunately, part of vacating my plea will or might impugn my previous counsel, which I am loathed to do. I…

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