Dozens of professionals, licensed by New Jersey, have been approached by con artists who impersonate state board and federal investigators and threaten to take away their licenses, according to the state.

It cost one woman nearly $200,000.

She offered to share her story to warn others.

The woman, a licensed health care professional who did not want to reveal her real name to protect her privacy, said she received a call from someone who claimed to be a representative of one of the state’s licensing boards in June.

The caller asked if she was aware that she was being investigated.

“He disclosed that there was an abandoned vehicle on the Texas and Mexico border with drugs associated with my license which was found in March 2021. There are also about 20 bank accounts totaling $7.2 million under my name,” the woman, 32, she said she was told.

He asked a litany of questions, including whether she had worked with or treated someone who is on drugs or would…

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