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A woman lost nearly £113,000 (around P7.5 million) to a scammer that she had met on a dating site in England in the United Kingdom.

Rachel Elwell, 50, said the scammer had told her that he needed money because he got taken captive by loan sharks, as per BBC on May 5.

Elwell said the man, who claimed that he lived nearby, looked nice on the dating site and “seemed quite an open and genuine guy.”

The man claimed to have eventually gone to Ukraine for an engineering contract. He was sending Elwell documents and photos as proof that he needed money after money issues had  suddenly surfaced.

He claimed that his life was in danger, which is why Elwell sent him the large sum. She admitted that there was no guarantee of it being returned, according to the report.

“When he said to me his life was in danger and I didn’t hear from him, I thought he’d been murdered,” Elwell…

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