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Wisconsin Dells veteran loses thousands to paving scam

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. (WMTV) – More people are diving into home improvement projects during the pandemic but imagine paying for work that’s never completed. That’s what a Wisconsin Dells man says happened to him.

Daniel Defosse says he lost $3,000 to a local contractor he paid to re-pave his driveway.

He says he knew the man from around the area and that he had done small repair work for him in the past. Defosse paid the balance in full for the work on his driveway. “In the meantime, I brought him over to my brother-in-law, Bob’s and I said I’d like Bob’s done too…it’s about the same size driveway,” said Defosse.

They gave the contractor half of what was asked for Bob’s driveway, expecting the work to begin the next day. Weeks went by and nothing was done.

Defosse says he tried to get his money back and even tried to work with the contractor to get everything done over time but he had no luck.

He contacted authorities and filed a…

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