Unfortunately scam texts and calls are now part of everyday life.

Most people will have received a text purporting to be from a bank, delivery service or even the government demanding action or a text back.

Some are worryingly convincing and can easily lure you in.

Manchester Evening News readers say they’ve seen an increase in scam texts and calls – designed to trick the receiver into handing over personal information – during the pandemic.

Robyn Lipiec, posting on Facebook, said: “Every day I get a text from different numbers saying they are Royal Mail, Amazon etc etc and they say that i need to rearrange delivery or a parcel has been unable to be delivered.

“It’s very frustrating and would fool some people.”

On Facebook, reader Clare Duffy said: “I’ve been getting calls from unknown caller, I just completely ignore.

“However there will be some people who maybe are not aware of these scammers , it’s something that needs to be talked about more…

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