The growth of the internet and digital platforms have made it possible for industries to flourish, and the online gaming industry is no exception.

In 2018, the global gaming industry consisted of 2.3 billion consumers, who spent nearly $138-billion (approximately R2 005-trillion) on games.

Where previously, it only attracted the younger men, these days people of all genders and ages play online games for recreation or even professionally.

As the online gaming industry has expanded, so too have opportunities for fraudsters who know players are vulnerable and use social engineering to exploit them and steal money using fake apps and websites.

Modus operandi

Online gaming scams are used to steal personal information and could take several forms. Fraudsters may send you a link to click on to download a gaming file which then instals malicious software onto your device which logs your keystrokes.

Another tactic is account takeovers where fraudsters…

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