Visa is a common name to millions of people, many of whom will deal with the provider for payments through credit and debit card. With finances an important issue for most people, keeping oneself and one’s money safe is key. However, to ensure this protection, it is likely individuals will need to take action, and pay attention to key warning signs that illustrate a problem. 

Real organisations will not mind if a person wishes to cross-reference in this way.

Unfortunately, email is one popular way scammers are trying to part Britons with their personal and sensitive information.

As such Visa has warned people to review any information before they click, looking at an important checklist.

Email addresses which include random characters, spelling mistakes, or those which do not match the company’s name are often sure fire signs a scam is taking place.

Another trick is to hover over links contained within messages with a mouse, without clicking, as this…

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