by Madhurjya Chowdhury

June 24, 2021

Analytics Insight brings to you the Top 10 Scamming Countries in the World to be aware of

Have you ever been a victim of a robbery or a scam? If not, you are incredibly fortunate! To rob a bank in the Internet age, one individual does not need to storm into a bank with a swarm of armed criminals. All you need to do is sit at home and practise your hacking abilities. While protection against such interventions is increasing on a daily basis, people will always discover methods to exploit gaps.

Some folks still favour “good old-fashioned deception.” This is especially risky for travellers who do not always know and comprehend the state’s norms and regulations.


Let’s go through the top 10 scamming countries in the world.


Nigeria employs a single strategy to deceive the unwary. Everyone has likely seen this someplace, whether in email or social media messages, where they will likely tell you an…

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