Top tier tickets for England’s Euro 2020 semi-final clash with Denmark are being re-sold for up to £6,500 each on ‘touting’ websites, MailOnline has found.

Demand has soared for tickets ahead of the crunch match at Wembley on Wednesday – with a place in Sunday’s final at stake.

Only 60,000 people will be allowed inside the stadium, which will be at 75 per cent capacity due to Covid.

And with the remaining tickets being bought up by the FA’s official supporters group last night, it has sparked a mad rush for tickets on resale websites.

One hospitality ticket on is being listed at a staggering £6,499.

But even standard tickets are selling for more than £1,000 – more than double their general sale value.

MailOnline also found people offering to sell tickets via social media, with one person offering a four ticket bundle costing £5,000. 

Meanwhile, consumer groups are warning fans of potential ‘scam’ online ticket touts. 

Uefa advises…

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