A terrifying warning for all parents about a deadly scam aimed at teenagers online. A Tomball family is sharing their story about their son who was tricked, and it cost him his life. They want every parent or guardian of teens to know what happened to their family and what they wish they would have done differently.

Evan McDaniel was on the right track. Even as a small child he was engaging, loving, and productive. At 14 years old, Evan was doing well in school and his parents saw no signs of any trouble. Until it was too late.

“That’s just how out of the realm of possibility it is he did this,” said his mom Jennifer McDaniel.

What Evan did is what a lot of teens do. At the start of 2021, he made a connection with someone online. He had initial contact with someone online just 72 hours before his death.

“That was on Jan. 3rd and he died Jan. 6th,” explains dad, David McDaniel.

Even made contact with who he thought was a teenage girl, but turned…

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