Mobile phone users are being warned to be aware of scam calls that appear to come from telephone numbers very similar to their own.

Policing unit The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau is urging people to be vigilant after thousands of the suspect calls have been reported in the last two months.

The telephone number of the caller will look, say fraud experts, very much like the owner’s own phone number

The bogus calls will come from a telephone number where at least the first seven digits – beginning 07 – will match the potential victim’s own mobile phone number.

The calls on most occasions will be impersonating well known government organisations or law enforcement agencies.

Those who answer will be asked to ‘press 1’ to speak to an advisor or police offer, with the reason for the phone calls given by fraudsters as needing payment for unpaid fines or police warrants.

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Mobile phone users are being told to reject the calls and report them

In May this year…

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