Users of Gmail, Outlook and other email platforms are being warned against a new scam.

Using a completely new way of targeting consumers, experts have said that the scam ditches the usual fake clickable links or malware-filled downloads.

Instead, the email appears to come from big name brands such as Amazon or Paypal and claim that a large purchase has just been made on the victim’s account.

According to the Express, it all looks very convincing.

The email appears to use official fonts and logos. It also contains no easy way of stopping the purchase from going through, with the only option to cancel things by calling a telephone number.

There is also a message that reads, “If you didn’t make this purchase, please call us.”

Anyone tricked into dialling the contact details will then be put through to a real person on the other end of the phone. The person will be a scammer, who will try and steal as much information as possible…

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