Teenagers and young adults are falling for scams at a higher rate than older Americans, according to a new study released by SocialCatfish.

The company said it compiled the data using 2021 information from the FBI, Internet Crime Complaint Center and FTC.

SocialCatfish found that the number of victims 20 and younger who fell for scams more than doubled between 2017 and 2020. In 2017, the company said there were 9,053 scam victims under the age of 20. That increased to 23,186 last year.

While seniors remain the most victimized group according to the company, experts say the large number of younger people also falling for scams show just how sophisticated they’ve become.

Working for you, the following are the most common scans and how to avoid them, according to SocialCatfish.com.


When the pandemic started and lockdowns began, it was difficult for millions of people to find work.

Socialcatfish said scammers…

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