Do you want to know about snapchat scams! So, this article is exactly for you. In this article, I will tell you about the snapchat scams and how to avoid these scams. Read the whole article carefully. So, let start the article.

Introduction to Snapchat scams:

Scamming on snapchat is about stealing your personal information or grabbing money from your accounts. Scammers approach snapchat users and start interacting with them. They build their trust with the user and then try to get their personal information. There are a lot of scammers who are scamming on snapchat. These scammers are very dangerous. So, it is very important to be beware of them. Law enforcement agencies are working on these types of scams to stop them. But the question is how you will recognize that snapchat account is real or fake?

How to recognize snapchat scams?

To find out about fake Snapchat accounts follow these steps:

Check the snapchat score of the user:

If someone approach you on snapchat and claims that he is a regular snapchat user. Immediately check his or her snapchat stats. If the stats are low, then it is obvious that he or she is a new user and could be a scammer.

Checkout the snapchat map:

Go and check the location of the users. If the location exactly matches their profile location. Then they are not scammers. But if the location does not match then they are scammers and beware of them.

Search their profile pictures on google:

Most scammers use images from google for their profiles and stories. They use these images for their fake accounts. So, it is a best practice to check those pictures on google.

Carefully reply to strange users:

If someone approaches you on snapchat. But you don’t know him, or her. So, carefully chat with those users. Because they may be scammers and will steal your personal information.

Seven most common scams on snapchat:

  • Posing like your friend and trying to get your personal information for scamming purposes.
  • Scammers will send you make-money proposals. So, in this way, they can easily grasp your information.
  • The scammer will may pretend like a needy person. He will ask for money from you for help.
  • Phishing scams leading to account takeovers.
  • Some scammers play fake relationship games to get the required information from you.
  • Sugar daddy and moma scams.
  • Fake girls on snapchat and fake accounts.


How to avoid snapchat scams?

Now a day’s social media scams are very common. Similarly, snapchat scams are also very common. So, it is very important to tell you how you can avoid from snapchat scams? Scammers on snapchat will ask the following things from you:

  • Your account login details.
  • Gift cards like google play cards.
  • Make money opportunities.
  • Your personal information like your location, name, and other information like that.

So, if you believe in these types of statements just at once! You will be scammed and the scammer will play his or her game with you.

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