Scammers have pocketed thousands of dollars by preying on vulnerable Australians already financially damaged by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and a slew of major banks have identified scamming activity relating to COVID-19 payments provided by both state and federal governments.

Some cases have involved scammers pretending to be the government and asking for financial details under the guise of providing someone a COVID-19 disaster relief payment.

In some instances, these shams have been targeting people on welfare payments seeking increased support and workers out of a job due to lockdowns.

According to the ACCC, 69 cases of COVID-19 payments have already been recorded and in four cases, more than $37,000 was stolen.

Commonwealth Bank has also recorded an uptick in scamming activity during the nation’s third COVID-19 wave, with scams occurring via phone calls and online.

The major bank confirmed it had…

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