Almost like clockwork, someone who lost money to a scam or identity theft files a police report nearly every week in Delaware County.

Sometimes the financial loss is considerable – even devastating to many.

One resident lost $3,000 after receiving a phone call claiming a warrant was out for the victim’s arrest.

Another lost $11,000 after receiving an online message that a bank card had been compromised.

Another lost $20,000 to a scammer who had claimed the money was needed to obtain a large sweepstakes prize.

Capt. Adam Moore of the Delaware Police Department said many scams have common themes, and basic precautions should be taken to avoid them.

“A lot of the crimes that we deal with are the crimes we’ve always dealt with. It’s just the way that they do them has changed,” he said. “There are steps you can take to limit your risk, and that’s what we encourage people to do. Know who you’re sending money to. Know who you’re giving your information to….

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