WFTX — With so many people booking at a time when shortages of employees mean everything from canceled and delayed flights to long waits for airline reservations agents, scammers are doing their own impersonations to get your money.

We spoke Brian Oglesby with the Better Business Bureau of West Florida to find out more for you.

WFTX: What’s the deal with these fake airline agents people are hearing from?

BRIAN OGLESBY/BBB OF WEST FLORIDA: So what BBB is seeing is consumers are searching online to book a flight or maybe even change their flight on the internet and they’re looking for that customers service number. And unfortunately, they’re clicking on the first link they find. And these fake websites are pretending to be the actual airlines. They create websites that look very similar to the airlines

The websites often offer phone numbers promising something most airlines can’t delver these days – a chance to speak with a live person fast.

They know full…

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