Criminals exploit people’s desire to be helpful

Roseville, Calif.- California has seen another devastating year of fires, sudden evacuations, and families losing their homes. Many from Roseville and across the state have rallied together to do what we can to take care of our neighbors.

When we open our wallets to support those in need, scammers pay attention and do what they can to get some of that money. From fake organizations that sound legitimate, to cold calling with compelling stories, we encourage residents be cautious.

Tips to protect you from potential scammers

Here are some tips to protect you from potential scammers, and ensure that your donations are going to reputable charities.

1- Give to known, trustworthy charities

There are several ways to verify that an organization is legitimate. Avoid crowdfunding sites since you don’t always know where the funds are going. California’s Governor’s Office of Emergency Services has partnered with…

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