VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Being able to work from anywhere may feel like a luxury, but you could be at more risk of being scammed.

That’s what one cyber security expert is telling NEWS 1130. Derek Manky, chief of security insights at Fortinet, says entire organizations could be at risk as people jump from network to network.

“They’re very convincing emails. This isn’t the, ‘you’ve won $20 million in a lottery’ scams that everyone’s used to … oftentimes real staffs names [are used]. It requires a lot of care and attention today,” he says.

Manky says that children who are remote learning can also be at risk as they often don’t know the signs of a scam.

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“Attacks are actually going to these remote victims through things like social media platforms. They’re actually getting very clever, and they’re reaching out, using artificial intelligence as an example to do phishing attacks,” he says.


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