As housing costs and the number of renters increase in Reno, rental property scams have also been on the rise in the area.

Reno police say scammers are taking advantage of online ads for rental properties, advertising them for much lower than they cost and then having victims send them money for the security deposit over apps like Venmo or Zelle.

Once the scammer gets the money from the person who expressed interest in the fake ad, they never hear from them again.

Terry Rasner and Sarah Carmona Zink, a mother-daughter duo behind Reno/Tahoe Realty Group, said they’ve seen similar rental scams for years now, and the current state of the housing market has made it even tougher to find decent rentals.

“In our area now, it’s not even about affordable housing, it’s about attainable housing because people aren’t getting in rentals at all,” Carmona Zink said. “We know there’s a huge disparity with it so people and scams are going to show that.”

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