Owning a graded card of your favorite athlete is a must for any dedicated collector. For one, it preserves the card itself to help it last longer. It also looks good when you obtain quite a number of these slabs. For others, PSA or BGS graded cards are much easier to flip to make a quick profit.

The thing with graded cards, though, is that they can be faked by those with questionable intentions. Collectors who don’t practice sufficient discernment or caution will end up spending their hard-earned money on something that has less value than they realize. Shown below are some effective tips to help you spot these fake slabs.

Ask for closer images of the slab

Nowadays, most collectors opt to buy their cards online, like eBay or Facebook. When the transaction is done in this manner, the ability to personally check these graded cards go out the window. Nevertheless, the need for due diligence becomes more important than ever for card…

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