Police have drawn on the story of a Chippenham man, who was scammed out of £2,000 as part of a new campaign.

The man, in his nineties, was scammed by a bogus police officer who convinced him to withdraw £2,000 from his bank account and hand it to a fraudster courier who came to his home address.

“This story is not uncommon,” say Wiltshire Police in their message to the public.

“Fraud represents a third of all crime reported in the UK, and as we read every day in the news criminals are continuing to find new and innovative ways to extort money from people – whether that is in person or online.

“Technology has never been better, and fraudsters have never been smarter, so as part of our summer Click or Call campaign, we are highlighting cybercrime and fraud.

“Unfortunately, we deal with cases of cybercrime and fraud daily as criminals target our weaknesses in technology, take advantage of our vulnerabilities and of people’s good…

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