An Instagram fraudster who sells victims’ bank details and ‘how-to’ guides for other criminals for as little as £100 is unmasked by BBC Panorama as a London university student. 

In eye-opening BBC One documentary Panorama: Hunting the Social Media Fraudsters, which airs tonight at 19:35pm, reporter Kafui Okpattah investigates how a new type of social media influencer – cyber scammers – use social media to promote fraud. 

While they were once hidden in the shadows of the dark web, they now work more openly online, with Kafui even managing to unmask one anonymous influencer, who seems to be a London student called Luke Joseph, who had been selling fraud guides after he boasted about it online in a rap.

Speaking to the BBC, Kafui explains that the new generation of fraudsters – who target everyone from banks and retailers to the government’s Universal Credit system – refer to it as ‘clicking’, while the guides being exchanged are known as methods. 

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