As life hasn’t been tough enough over the past months we’ve seen something very nasty emerging during the pandemic and that’s the increase in “phishing” scams.

So cunning have the criminals become that they are adept now at impersonating banks or government bodies luring their victims to hand over sensitive financial details.

I know how clever they can be at impersonation because I was targeted not so long ago.

Someone, “calling from my bank” told me there’d been fraudulent activity on my account and that it “needed to be addressed immediately”.

What he proposed doing was getting me to go online so that he could look at my account and get it sorted.

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For a split second I almost believed him he was so charming and plausible. Then the penny dropped.

When I questioned him and said I didn’t believe he could be from the bank he still tried to get me to let him into my accounts. He was absolutely adamant…

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