A new tool offering support and guidance to people who have been the victim of an online scam will begin appearing on Twitter on Tuesday.

Backed by Citizens Advice and to mark Scams Awareness Fortnight, the new prompt will tell users “help is available” and provide links to advice on dealing with scams and fraud.

The tool will appear at the top of search results when someone searches the social media platform for information on the subject of online scams and will direct them to the Citizens Advice website and its Online Scams Helper.

The Twitter prompt has previously been used to direct people to credible information about the coronavirus pandemic and vaccinations.

This latest use of the tool comes amid a rise in online scams and fraud, Citizens Advice reporting that more than 30 million people have encountered some form of scam so far in 2021.

The prompt directs people to the Citizens Advice Twitter account and website (Twitter)


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