AMSTERDAM, June 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Every year, Scamadviser analyzes the willingness of consumers to buy fake and counterfeit products online. This year, 1,000+ consumers participated in the study from across the world. Also, the willingness of consumers to buy coronavirus vaccines only was researched.  

While all income groups, educational categories, age levels, and continents are represented. Most consumers (65%) consider themselves capable of identifying fakes. This is especially the case for clothing, accessories, and electronics. Only 10% admit they are unable to identify fakes. 40% of consumers doubt their ability to recognize fake medicines and toys while 24% say they have trouble with all categories. 

57% of the consumers have bought a fake product in the past unknowingly or doubting the originality of the product. 18% admit to knowingly having bought fakes….

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