On May 6, police said a Nanaimo man lost $5,000 through a Bitcoin scam. It happened after he received a message about an investment opportunity from a former friend through a messaging platform.

The man put money into the investment, then was told to pay a service fee of $5,000 and provide his banking information, which he did.

A return on investment never came and his money was lost with Bitcoin transactions being untraceable.

In another incident, a woman purchased $2,000 in gift cards at Wal-Mart after receiving a notification from a friend’s account on Facebook.

The account was compromised and led her to believe purchasing the cards would qualify her for a grant from the “Lions Club International Giving Society”.

Fortunately, the woman’s bank will reimburse the money to her credit cards due to her filing a police report.

In late May, another woman fell victim to the common tech support scam after clicking on a…

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