Murcian Almonds Company Scammed Online For €91,500.
image: Badía

Murcian Almonds Company Coato Has Been The Victim Of An Online Scam For €91,500

Coato, one of the most important agricultural cooperative societies in the region of Murcia, and a company in the Netherlands that was interested in buying its famous organic almonds in bulk from the Murcian company’s base in the town of Totana, have both fallen victim to an elaborate ‘phishing‘  operation that netted the criminal €91,500.

As reported by El Español publication, the Guardia Civil’s cybercrimes unit opened an investigation into this scam that started back in November 2020, when the two companies had started exchanging emails and phone calls, but didn’t close any deal, which is the point at which the alleged hacker – who is a criminal known to the police for his online activities – got involved.

Using his phishing skills, the hacker reactivated the…

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