KANSAS CITY, Mo. – After FOX4 recently featured a story about a metro woman who claimed her items were being held hostage by a moving company, more and more people are reaching out to share similar and horror stories involving internet moving companies.

“I think it was shocking to see someone on the news locally dealing with the same thing with that company,” said Kevin Sanders.

Sanders was introduced to Konami Moving and Storage through a broker company when he moved from California to Kanas City in October of 2020.

He said 6-months later, he’s now $4,500 out of money, half of his items are missing, and the other half broken.

He filed a claim and has not heard back from the company.

The claim is still pending, just trying to wait on outcome of the claim, in the meantime, already started replacing the stuff, because we still got to live our day-to-day life,” Sanders said.

Sanders and Lindsey Kupper, who was previously…

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