I don’t mind telling you all that I’ve become pretty darn popular these last few weeks.

All of a sudden, it appears complete strangers in particular want to get in contact with me – and steal my money.

Over many years I have written numerous stories about scams, covering all sorts but I have never been targeted myself – until now.

It all started with a text message to my phone which claimed it was from the HBSC fraud team alerting me to a payment of £240 I had apparently made to a Mr C Jones.

Instantly, I knew it was a scam as I do not bank with HSBC and realistically, it is unlikely I would have £240 to pay for anything.

The text then directed me to a web link where I could authorise the transfer.

Obviously, I just ignored it.

Then, being Mrs Popular, I got another text a few days later, again supposedly from the HSBC fraud team and again, it was in relation to a payment of £250 this time, to Mr C…

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