Emmerdale’s Lydia Dingle is in for a terrible ordeal this coming week as she’s framed for a pensions scam.

The kind-hearted cleaner is in the middle of an interview to be a school counsellor when the police arrive to arrest her.

Lydia will be broken by the false accusations (Credit: ITV)

They have traced an online pensions scam to her computer – and to her online identity.

Unfortunately as she’s in the middle of her Zoom interview in the cafe, the police collar her.

The only problem is that Lydia is totally innocent.

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News soon spreads around the village and actress Karen Blick has revealed how Lydia is devastated by it.

“She’s not coping very well with people gossiping about her,” she said.

“The village [is] thinking the worst. For Lydia, her reputation is important. Although at times she’s not bothered…

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