If you feel as if you have a target on your back, then you have a lot in common with Mary Munez. She fell for a clever travel scam on a recent visit to Miami.

Munez, an event producer based in Chicago, returned to her room one evening and was famished. She found a takeout menu for a local pizza restaurant under her door.

“I love to support small businesses – and I was hungry – so I didn’t think twice about it,” she says.

Maybe she should have. The order arrived two hours later in a Domino’s pizza box. She hadn’t ordered from Domino’s. Then the fraudulent charges started appearing on her credit card. 

“I started getting small charges of 35 cents to my account once an hour. Then the charges became more frequent and larger,” she says.

The pizza delivery scam is just one of several schemes that ensnare unsuspecting travelers. There are illegal scams, like the one Munez encountered, and “legal” ones that technically don’t violate any laws (but should)….

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