(WTNH) — Who could resist that face? Kristin Kossack and her kids sure couldn’t. They had been looking for a new Pomsky – a Pomeranian crossed with a Husky – because their dog Oliver had passed away.

Kristin Kossack told News 8, “This picture came up of this pup that had the same name as the pup that had passed. So now we feel like, ‘ahh, Oliver. This is the one.’”

The bad news was, the website she looked at, QCPomskies, said Oliver was in Texas. The good news was, he was much cheaper than Pomskies in Connecticut. Luke Frey of the Better Business Bureau says a price that’s too good to be true is the first sign of a scam. First, buyers need to make sure the dog really exists.

Frey said, “A great way to make sure it’s actually a real animal is ask to Skype and see that animal alive, even if it’s on a screen.”

The Pomsky site did look professional with both photos and videos of the adorable Oliver.


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