Dr Linda Papadopoulos is supporting the ScamSmart campaign, highlighting the red flags we all need to stay aware of.

Scams have been rife during the pandemic – and criminals will exploit people’s struggles, whether financial or emotional, by promising quick-fixes that don’t exist.

It may be that someone is scouring the internet for a better return on their pensions and savings in the low interest rate environment. Or perhaps they’re lonely and seeking friendship or love. Whatever it is that someone is looking for, fraudsters will try to cash in by offering what looks like a simple solution.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is urging people to ‘flip the context’ if they are approached online – and imagine how they would react if such offers were being made instead in person.

Pic by Alamy/PA

The ScamSmart campaign encourages people to do their research before handing over any cash – and report frauds and dodgy…

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