Komal Taneja’s husband Chandrakant died gasping for breath at his New Delhi home last month after the oxygen canister that they paid $200 for on the internet never arrived.

“We desperately tried to find a hospital bed for a week… Two private hospitals asked us for a million rupees ($13,800) in advance,” Komal, her voice cracking on the phone, told AFP.

“Then we came across a contact online promising an oxygen cylinder delivery within an hour of making the 15,000 rupees payment. When we did, they asked for more money, and then stopped responding,” Komal added.

Chandrakant, 36, who worked at the stock market, died on May 1, leaving his homemaker wife looking for a job to help look after his ailing parents.

– Scam central –

India has a long history of audacious scams ripping off ordinary people, including beyond its borders.

In just one typical case, in December police busted a call centre that allegedly defrauded…

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