HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A Houston woman received a threatening phone scam so alarming, she reported it to police.

The Better Business Bureau is reportedly seeing more people falling victim to the five most common scams.

ABC13 spoke with Cynthia Freeland on Thursday. She’s a retired professor and said she received a phone call on Tuesday from an unknown number. She said normally, she doesn’t answer those types of calls, but it was from a city where a relative lives.

“I was worried,” Freeland said. “I answered the phone and it was silent for a moment and then this voice came on and said, ‘I want you to listen carefully,’ and then I hung up.”

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She later received a threatening text message saying someone was trying to kill her and demanded $25,000.

“My friend said, ‘Call the police,’ and I didn’t know if it was important enough to, but I called them and they sent an officer…

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