Got a big building project you need to get done or a garden that needs renovations? Well, once you have done all the little bits, you might want to think about hiring a contractor to get the rest of the work done to a high quality.

However, you don’t just want to pick the first person you see online. Unfortunately, there are people out there who will attempt to scam you by posing as a proper company. Therefore, you need to be smart and take your time when picking a company or individual to hire.

If you are curious about how best to protect yourself against scammers, read on. Here are 3 tips to help you stay safe while hiring workers.

1. Check their Credentials

When you check out a company, whether you find them online or are calling to get a quote, check out the company’s credentials.

You can ask about the insurance that the company has in case of damage. See what the contractors can do, as some of them might be able to fulfill the role of an…

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