A text claiming to be from Hermes, asking customers to pay a fee for their parcel’s redelivery, is the latest fraudulent text believed to be circulating.

The courier service is warning online shoppers to be on the lookout for the ‘smishing’ message, which sends people a text message to tell them they missed a delivery, which must be rebooked via a website link for an additional fee.

As more people rely on internet shopping during the pandemic the number of scams is also thought to have increased

Smishing is the term given to fraudulent text messages which tell you there’s a problem with either a bank account, order or delivery, with instructions to follow a link or call a number and make a payment in order to rectify the issue.

Alongside fraudsters attempts to take the requested payment fee, the private information entered by unsuspecting users can also then be taken to commit further fraud.

There has been a significant increase in these types of scams as…

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