As many people rely on online shopping, scammers have tried to take advantage by sending scam messages. Customers have been warned to look out for any message asking for payment.

Posting online, one customer shared the text message they received.

It stated: “Hermes: You have a parcel awaiting please confirm redelivery via our secure link. Custom fee of £1.45 (GBP) VAT applies.”

Another shared a similar fraudulent message, which read: “Hermes: Sorry we missed you. Our driver will be redelivering tomorrow.

“Please reschedule and cover the £1.45 service fee.”


A third shared a warning, and posted: “Just a warning the scam is also being done by people pretending to be Hermes now.”

It was accompanied by the fake message they received, which said: “MyHermes: We are sorry that we missed your delivery today. Please visit to arrange a redelivery.”

One customer shared the message they received and asked if it was a scam or not.

Luckily, a Hermes…

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